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The Coyote Buttes South consists of two different permit areas: Paw Hole and the Cottonwood Teepees (near White Pocket). Both areas are well worth visiting, but the deep sandy access roads require a 4WD vehicle and good driving skills. GPS waypoints and more information about Coyote Buttes South (in German).


The Striped Stones
The Striped Buttes
The Control Tower
The colorful wall
Sandstone Buttes
Sandstone Flames
Sandstone detail
Lost in time
Control Tower at sunrise
The hydra
O tamanduá
The Dot
The Flattops
The tower
Pink lines
Red patterns
Lost root
Torn apart
Watching the valley
Cottonwood teepees
The seahorse at sunset
Paw Hole buttes
Split apart
The icecone
The seahorse
Yellow buttes
Big yellow toes
Funny face
Butte reflection
The dromedary
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