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More information, GPS waypoints and topographic maps in my White Pocket travelogue (in German).
You can also check out the White Pocket report in English I translated for the website of my husband.


The Vortex
The Volcano
After a rainy day
The Tower
Sandstone Alley
On a calm morning
The Red Wall
The Cinnamon Roll
The Tower at White Pocket
Sandstone Potpourri
The Oyster
The Evil's Eye
A question of time
White Mound Reflection
The Gateway
Red Swirls
Land of Confusion
White Pockets Reflection
The Red Wall at White Pockets
The White Alley
The Lollipop
The Whirlpool
The Evil Eye
The fortress
Carassed by the light
Dramatic Sunset
Water Pocket Reflection
The Red Cinnamon Roll
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