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For me Mono Lake is one of the most fascinating lakes in the US. You will not run out of photo opportunities along its shore, especially at the South Tufas Area, at the fragile Sand Tufas or at the Icebox Tufas.
South Tufa Area at sunrise
South Tufas on a cloudy day
South Tufas after sunset
Sand Tufa Area at dawn
Mono Lake Tufa Bay
Mono Lake State Reserve
The Skyscraper
Sand Tufa formation
Grass along the shore
Mono Lake tufa reflection
Amazing clouds
Mono Lake Icebox Tufas
The fortress
Early morning light on tufas
First rays of light
Stormy day at the South Tufas
Sand Tufas at dawn
Sunrise at the Sierra
Baby tufas at twilight
Mono Lake at twilight
Colorful grass near Icebox Tufas
Mono Lake tufa parade
Icebox Tufas Bay
Mushroom City at Navy Beach
Storm at Mono Lake
Early morning reflections
South Tufas pillars
Storm over South Tufa Area
South Tufa Area before sunrise
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