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Mt. Sneffel Range at Dallas Divide
Red Mountain
Yankee Girl Mine
Red Mountain slope
Maroon Bells
Fall Foliage
Enchanted Forest near Aspen
Colorful Aspen Forest
Crystal Mill Ghost Town
Owl Creek Pass Road
Kebler Pass Road
Guston Mine Ghost Town
Grove on fire
Aspen eye
For your eyes only
Reaching for the sky
Winter Symphony
Enchanted Forest at Maroon Bells
Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness
Maroon Bells Lake
Single Aspen Tree
Aspen Tree Couple
Big Cimarron Ranch
Last Dollar Road
Colorado Mailboxes
Fall Colors near Aspen
Enchanted Hills
Sun shining through aspens
Wood on fire
Golden days
Last Dollar Road
Skyjack Ranch
Rocky Mountains reflection
Ohio Pass Road
The Castles from Ohio Pass Road
Maroon Bells
Colorado Highway
Guston Mine Ghost Town
Animas Fork Ghost Town
Aspen grove on fire
Dallas Divide Hwy 62
Dallas Divide Fence
Snowcovered mountains
Sneffels Range at dusk
Sneffels Range at sunrise
Crystal Mill
Guston Ghost Town
Maroon Bells at sunrise
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