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Check out my Bisti De-Na-Zin Wilderness Area travelogue for more information, topographic maps and GPS waypoints (e.g. Cracked Eggs / Eggfactory at Alamo Wash, Stone Wings at Hunter Wash or the Gateway Arch).


E.T. go Bisti
The sleeping bee
Wonderland of hoodoos
Stone Flowers
Ugly Duck
Dali rock
The elegant hoodoo
The sky watcher hoodoo
Ancient sea shells
Desert Rose
Gateway arch
Hidden Champion
The egg factory
Mushroom city
Blossom and leaf
Hunter Wash sculptures
The giant oyster
The cracked eggs at sunset
The spotted hoodoo
The wings at sunset
The seal
The Shadow
Skull and torso
The lion's tail
Wings of stone
Ancient seabed
Bisti Sculpture
Big brown hoodoo
Cracked eggs at twilight
At twilight
Badlands at dusk
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