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You'll find a map, directions and a lot of information about the fascinating "land of falling lakes and growing stones" in my Plitvice Lakes report. There is also an additional travelogue about my visit during fall season: Plitvice in Fall (both in German language).
Mali Prstavac - Waterfall at Gornja Jezera
Sastavci Falls at Donja Jezera
Slap Plitvice near the entrance
Boardwalk at the Plitvice Lakes
The land of falling lakes
Solitary waterfall
Small Cascade
Waterfall and turquoise pool
Veliki Slap
Travertine and moss
Plitvice Waterfall
Small cascades
Plitvice cascades
Falling water
Boardwalk through Plitvice forest
Kaluderovac Boardwalk
Waterfall at Donja Jezera
Elevated Boardwalk
Plitvice cascades
Boardwalk at Plitvice
Boat at Kozjak Jezero
Plitvice Lakes Overlook
Boat and fishes at Lake Kozjak
Tree in the water
Gavanovac Jezero
Slap Plitvice with rainbow
Slap Plitvice in Spring
Boat at Kozjak Jezero
Fish in the crystal clear water
Fish and reflections
Cascade detail
Waterfall and turquoise pool
Crytsal clear water and fish
Fish at Plitvice Lake
Along the lakeshore
Sulpjara Cave
Tree foliage
Boat at Kozjak Jezero in the evening
Plitvice Lakes in autumn
Plitvice Lakes during fall season
Slap Plitvice during fall season
House at Kozjak Jezero
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